Learning projects through multicultural community service

17th April 2019

Learning through multicultural community service projects – the training for 12 teachers from the 6 partner schools was aimed at strengthening the connection between the curriculum and the local community, so that learning relevance and attractiveness can increase for all. How?

Using the Service Learning method, learning through community service, by combing the actions that students undertake to offer a community service, with the development of specific competence development from the new middle school curriculum. The class took place from November 2018 to February 2019, when teachers from inclusive schools learned how they can apply service learning as a teaching approach, to the benefit of the multicultural community, and how they can create the appropriate framework for the children, so that they can learn by getting involved in solving serious community problems such as: low social capital, discrimination, lack of hope in a better future built on education and work.

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