Circle of Security – parental education workshop focused on the relationship 

17th April 2019

Parental education workshops are focused on the child-parent interaction, based on the attachment theory. It helps parents, who, as grown-ups, become more aware of their own behaviors and reactions. Then, as they understand themselves, it is easier to respond to their children’s needs. Active involvement of parents is more important in anticipating school performance than the socio-economic status of the family. Furthermore, families who get involved at home, parents who check their children’s homework, guiding them, who get informed about their children’s subject matters and level, have better results compared to parents who get involved only by visiting the school or getting involved directly at the school.

Workshops take place in every partner school, from March to May 2019.

Sediul Central Lupeni

Bv. Păcii, bl. 5, ap. 9 | și în Cluj-Napoca

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